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Thumbnail 5-12-10jpg Thumbnail 5-30-10 487 - Copy.jpg Thumbnail 8-20-10 042.jpg Thumbnail 8-21-10 493.jpg Thumbnail Alder-Growth-080312.jpg
Thumbnail Alder-Growth-B-080312.jpg Thumbnail Alder-Growth-C-080312.jpg Thumbnail American Wigeon 041810.jpg Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10-f.jpg Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10-g.jpg
Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10-h.jpg Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10a.jpg Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10b.jpg Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10c.jpg Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10d.jpg
Thumbnail American-Avocet-5-12-10e.jpg Thumbnail American-Pipit-072912.jpg Thumbnail Avocet 051210.jpg Thumbnail Avocet B 051210.jpg Thumbnail Avocet C 051210.jpg
Thumbnail BW Teal M&F 052509.jpg Thumbnail Bald Eagle 060513.jpg Thumbnail Bald-Eagles-on-Nest-062713.jpg Thumbnail Belted Kingfisher 073010.jpg Thumbnail BeltedKing073010Portrait.jpg
Thumbnail BeltedKing073010Pose.jpg Thumbnail BeltedKing073010PoseB.jpg Thumbnail BeltedKing073010Takeoff.jpg Thumbnail Blue Winged Teal M & F 061313.jpg Thumbnail Bull-Frog-070111.jpg
Thumbnail Butterfly Pair 061112.jpg Thumbnail Canvasback-051210.jpg Thumbnail CinnTealMale062110.jpg Thumbnail CinnTealPairD062110.jpg Thumbnail CinnTealPr062310.jpg
Thumbnail Cinnamon Teal 071510B.jpg Thumbnail Cinnamon Teal Female 080710.jpg Thumbnail Cinnamon Teal Female 080710C.jpg Thumbnail Cinnamon Teal Male 062011.jpg Thumbnail CinnamonTealPr crop 070110.jpg
Thumbnail Columbia-Ground-Squirrel-070312.jpg Thumbnail Common Goldeneye 033009.jpg Thumbnail Common Goldeneye Male 033009.jpg Thumbnail Cormorant-052809.jpg Thumbnail Cormorant-with-Fish-B.jpg
Thumbnail Cormorant-with-Fish-C.jpg Thumbnail Cormorant-with-Fish.jpg Thumbnail Cormorants-052809-B.jpg Thumbnail Cormorants-052809.jpg Thumbnail Damselfly-072912.jpg
Thumbnail Deer Sept 2005.jpg Thumbnail Deer in Wetlands 091012.jpg Thumbnail Demo Pond 060513.jpg Thumbnail Dragonfly-072912.jpg Thumbnail Eared Gebe 041712.jpg
Thumbnail Excavation 2003 2005.jpg Thumbnail Four Tundra Swans 031612.jpg Thumbnail GW Teal 060411.jpg Thumbnail GW Teal Male 061911.jpg Thumbnail GYellowlegs081019.jpg
Thumbnail Gadwall Babies 060513.jpg Thumbnail Gadwall Pair 052709.jpg Thumbnail Goldeneye Babes 062512.jpg Thumbnail Goldeneye Pair 031611.jpg Thumbnail Goldeneye Pair 031711.jpg
Thumbnail Goldeneye Pair GREAT 031711.jpg Thumbnail Goldeneye Takeoff 031711.jpg Thumbnail Goldeneye-Female-with-Babes-062512.jpg Thumbnail Goslings 042709.jpg Thumbnail GrYellowlegs B 072210 BEST.jpg
Thumbnail GrYellowlegs072210.jpg Thumbnail GrYellowlegs072210BEST.jpg Thumbnail Grean Winged Teal Female 051909 B.jpg Thumbnail Great Blue Heron Babes 060411.jpg Thumbnail Great-Blue-Heron-052312.jpg
Thumbnail Great-Blue-Heron-052509.jpg Thumbnail Great-Blue-Heron-B-052509.jpg Thumbnail Great-Blue-Heron-Nest-with-Babies-052809.jpg Thumbnail Greater Yellowlegs 071810.jpg Thumbnail Greater Yellowlegs 080810.jpg
Thumbnail Greater Yellowlegs 092411.jpg Thumbnail Greater Yellowlegs 8-20-10.jpg Thumbnail Greater Yellowlegs Group 070312.jpg Thumbnail Greater-Yellowlegs-7-3-12.jpg Thumbnail Greater-Yellowlegs-8-20-11.jpg
Thumbnail GreaterYellowlegs 080710.jpg Thumbnail Green Winged Teal Female 051909.jpg Thumbnail Green Winged Teals - Oct. 2012.jpg Thumbnail Gren Winged Teal Female 051909.jpg Thumbnail HMerg & Babe 071211.jpg
Thumbnail HMerg Female & Brood 070711.jpg Thumbnail HMerg Males 040509.jpg Thumbnail HMerganser Male GREAT 042312.jpg Thumbnail HMerganser Male GREAT C 042412.jpg Thumbnail HMergansers040509 182.jpg
Thumbnail Hairy Woodpecker 040812.jpg Thumbnail Heron-052809.jpg Thumbnail Heron-Breeding-Ritual-052509.jpg Thumbnail Heron-Breeding-Ritual-B-032311.jpg Thumbnail Heron-in-Flight-070312.jpg
Thumbnail Heron-with-Fish-062011.jpg Thumbnail Heron-with-Fish-B.jpg Thumbnail Hooded Merganser Female 061610.jpg Thumbnail Hooded Merganser Female B 040909.jpg Thumbnail Hooded Merganser Male 030813B.jpg
Thumbnail Hooded Merganser Male 040909.jpg Thumbnail Hooded Merganser Male B 040909.jpg Thumbnail Hooded Merganser Young 102809.jpg Thumbnail Horned Grebe Breeding 040912.jpg Thumbnail Killdeer Bath 070711.jpg
Thumbnail Killdeer Eggs 060513.jpg Thumbnail Killdeer-Bath-070711.jpg Thumbnail Killdeer042010.jpg Thumbnail Killdeer071810.jpg Thumbnail Least SandpipeBr 082410.jpg
Thumbnail LessYellowlegs8-10-09-106.jpg Thumbnail Lesser-Scaup-041409.jpg Thumbnail Long-Billed-Dowitcher-072510.jpg Thumbnail Mallard Brood 070110.jpg Thumbnail Mallard Female 101610.jpg
Thumbnail Mallard Male 041810.jpg Thumbnail Mallard Pair 041810.jpg Thumbnail Mallard Pr Flight 042911.jpg Thumbnail MallardsFlight102109.jpg Thumbnail Meadowlark.jpg
Thumbnail Moose Baby 042513.jpg Thumbnail Moose-041711.jpg Thumbnail Mourning-Doves-080312.jpg Thumbnail Muskrat042010 - Copy.jpg Thumbnail New Wetlands June 25 2008.jpg
Thumbnail NoShovelerMF040609B.jpg Thumbnail Northern Harrier 041011.jpg Thumbnail Northern Pintail Male 050509 B.jpg Thumbnail Osprey Spread 081211.jpg Thumbnail Osprey With Fish.jpg
Thumbnail Osprey-Pair-Nest-091510.jpg Thumbnail Otter 031713.jpg Thumbnail Otter 090410.jpg Thumbnail Otter with Fish 031713.jpg Thumbnail Otter-Print-010810.jpg
Thumbnail PHase-I-Overview-2-080312.jpg Thumbnail Painted Turtle 061111.jpg Thumbnail Palmated Plover 080910.jpg Thumbnail Phase-I-080312.jpg Thumbnail Phase-I-Overview-080312.jpg
Thumbnail Phase-I-SW-080312.jpg Thumbnail Phase-I-Section-5-070611.jpg Thumbnail Phase-I-Section-6-091711.jpg Thumbnail Pied Billed Grebe 82110.jpg Thumbnail RNecked033109.jpg
Thumbnail RedBreastedNuthatch090310.jpg Thumbnail Redhead090110.jpg Thumbnail Redhead61009.jpg Thumbnail Ring Necked Female 102010.jpg Thumbnail Ruddy Duck Female 061313.jpg
Thumbnail Ruddy Duck Male 061313.jpg Thumbnail Ruddy Duck Male B 061313.jpg Thumbnail Ruddy-Duck-Male-052809.jpg Thumbnail RuddyBabeE083010.jpg Thumbnail Section-10-080312.jpg
Thumbnail Section-10-B-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-11-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-11-B-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-11-C-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-11-D-080312.jpg
Thumbnail Section-11-E-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-2-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-3-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-3-North-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-5-080312.jpg
Thumbnail Section-7-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-7-B-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-7-C-080312.jpg Thumbnail Section-9-080312.jpg Thumbnail Snipe072410B.jpg
Thumbnail Snipe080710.jpg Thumbnail Sora 080710.jpg Thumbnail SpSandpiper070310.jpg Thumbnail SpSandpiperBabe 071309.jpg Thumbnail SpSandpiperBabe.jpg
Thumbnail SpSandpiperBabe070310.jpg Thumbnail SpSandpiperBabe070310C.jpg Thumbnail SpSandpiperBabe073010Crop.jpg Thumbnail SpSandpiperMom&BabeB070310.jpg Thumbnail Spotted Sandpiper Babe 072110.jpg
Thumbnail Spotted Sandpiper Eggs 061731.jpg Thumbnail Spotted-Sandpiper-062412.jpg Thumbnail Three-Rows-080312.jpg Thumbnail Tundra Swans Pr 031612.jpg Thumbnail Tundras Resting 032112.jpg
Thumbnail Two-Herons-052809.jpg Thumbnail Valencia Ad Dec. 2011.jpg Thumbnail Water Plantain.jpg Thumbnail Wetland-Plants-7-1-12.jpg Thumbnail Wetlands-080812.jpg
Thumbnail Wilson's Phalarope Pr  Cropped052010.jpg Thumbnail Wilsons Phalarope 061313.jpg Thumbnail Wilsons Phalarope 061713.jpg Thumbnail Wilsons Phalarope in Flight 061713.jpg Thumbnail Wood Duck Brood 061811.jpg
Thumbnail Wood Duck Male Takeoff040909 066.jpg Thumbnail Wood Duck Pr 040909.jpg Thumbnail Wood-Duck-Babies-0701111.jpg Thumbnail WoodDuckFemale040909.jpg Thumbnail WoodDuckMale040909.jpg
Thumbnail Yellow Headed Blackbird 052911.jpg Thumbnail alder seedling 070212.jpg Thumbnail burreed 072912.jpg Thumbnail duckweed, snail 072912.jpg Thumbnail lesser yellowlegs 080312.jpg
Thumbnail lesser yellowlegs adult 080312.jpg Thumbnail lesser yellowlegs young 080312.jpg Thumbnail snail 072912.jpg Thumbnail soft rush 072912.jpg Thumbnail softstem bulrush 072912.jpg
Thumbnail water plantain 072912.jpg Thumbnail water plantain b 072912.jpg Thumbnail wetland plants 070212.jpg Thumbnail wetland plants 072912.jpg Thumbnail wetland plants b 072912.jpg
Thumbnail wetland plants c 072912.jpg Thumbnail wetland plants d 072912.jpg Thumbnail wetland plants e 072912.jpg Thumbnail wetland plants f 080312.jpg Thumbnail wetland plants g 070212.jpg
Thumbnail wool grass 080312.jpg