Donna Collier is currently the Chairwoman of the National Environmental Banking Association.

She is also the founder and Managing Partner of Valencia Wetlands Trust, a mitigation banking company since 2001. She is a past Board member of the National Mitigation Banking Association, and was also its Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair of the Data and Research Committee. She is a moderator and presenter at the National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference, and a member of its Steering Committee. Donna has met with regulatory agencies and Congressional representatives since 2009 to help boost the mitigation banking industry by recommending policies that promote private investment. She has been successful in several key policies. Donna has been a speaker at college level mitigation banking courses. She consults in the industry and is currently involved in developing new mitigation banks. Prior to becoming involved in mitigation banking, Donna had a wide range of management experience which included permitting sizeable residential development and handling construction management for large building projects.
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